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Kent Insolvency Limited provides professional advice and support to businesses and individuals.

Kent Insolvency Ltd (‘Kent Insolvency’) was formed in early 2023 by Alison Collier & Amanda Ireland who are both qualified and experienced insolvency professionals. They each have their own unique skill sets, and when they are incorporated into one specialist company, which is dedicated to undertaking only insolvency work, it ensures those consulting Kent Insolvency  receive the very best advice, support and service.

Our expertise

Prior to Kent Insolvency, Alison and Amanda worked together for 33 years at a medium sized firm of Kent based Chartered Accountants.  They are both Licensed Insolvency Practitioners qualified to take all types of appointments.  Over that time, they dealt with many, many hundreds and probably thousands of cases, giving them a wealth of knowledge.  Generally therefore when a director consults them they will have dealt with a similar situation in the past, and be able to draw upon that experience.  They will also be aware of some of the pitfalls which can trip directors up in certain situations and advise how they can be avoided.

The majority of Alison and Amanda’s caseload consists of a mixture of solvent and insolvent liquidations.  However, they also take appointments from cases which have been through the Courts and Official Receiver, such as compulsory liquidations, bankruptcies and Insolvency Administration Orders.  Their recent caseload also includes various charities, trusts and other not for profit organisations as well as deceased debtors, known as the aforementioned Insolvency Administration Orders.  

Historically Amanda always took a special interest in dealing with bankruptcy cases, although these days she is just as happy administering a liquidation whether that be a solvent or insolvent one.   Alison prides herself on her technical knowledge, often describing herself as a technical geek!

It is a well-known fact that the earlier struggling company’s take advice, the greater the options they have.  Kent Insolvency takes care to ensure that directors are given the opportunity to consider all available alternatives in order to find the right solution for them. The first stage is to arrange an initial consultation. This will be free, without obligation.

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