If  you are a professional with a client in financial difficulty we will happily offer an  initial free consultation to see what assistance we can provide.

It is always our intention where possible to save an ailing company.  Our experience enables us to assist directors with a tailor made recovery plan to suit individual circumstances.  With a combination of experienced Licensed Insolvency Practitioners and Corporate Finance Specialists we are confident that we will explore all avenues prior to considering a winding up.

Be it a solvent Members’ Voluntary Liquidation which can have significant tax benefits for shareholders or an insolvent Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation which often relieves the directors of an extremely stressful situation we can assist with the formalities involved in winding up companies.

There are a variety of ways in which we can assist an individual who finds himself in financial difficulties. Often debtors are anxious to avoid bankruptcy, in which case we can assess what is the most appropriate course of action available to them. It can simply involve negotiating with creditors on an informal basis, or in some instances, particularly where there are a large number of creditors, an Individual Voluntary Arrangement can be more suitable.

An interview with one of our Licensed Insolvency Practitioners will quickly enable them to advise on the suitability of an IVA and the consequences of both an IVA and Bankruptcy.

Of course, bankruptcy can still be the solution for some debtors, but it is always advisable for an individual to seek advice regarding their personal circumstances at the earliest possible opportunity.

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